Cell Groups

Meets at different times and seasons, please see the calendar for upcoming dates.

Cell groups are Sunday night Bible Studies in different elders’ homes. Our Church is centrally located between Anderson IN and Fairmount IN, and our Church serves many different neighboring cities. We currently have four cell groups: one in Anderson led by Clyde and Patsy  during spring, winter, and fall they break for summer months. Second group is lead by Spencer and Sharon  in Fairmount in spring, winter, fall, and once a month in the summer. The third group is here in Alexandria and is lead by Mike and Cheryl  which meets in the fall, winter, spring, and once a month in the summer.  All cell groups meet together on the first Sunday at the church. We love the relaxed environment of a home and closer fellowship that it brings in an informal setting. This is a great time to get to meet one another, pray for one another, have discussion, and study and learn the Bible together.