Pastor Randy Murphy’s Biography

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

As the middle son of a single father, I was not raised in a church-going home. At the age of 19 I was drafted into the United States Army. When asked what my religious background was I did not know. The only thing I knew was that I must not be Catholic because I never attended a Catholic school. The personnel sergeant asked me, “Are you an atheist?”  I asked “What’s an atheist?” The sergeant replied, “Someone who does not believe in God.” I then responded to the sergeant, “I do believe there is a God” and the sergeant then said “Well then, you must be a protestant.”  I replied, “Okay then, I must be a protestant”. 

After returning home from my tour of duty, at the age of 22, the most important person of my life, my dad, had tragically died in a traffic accident. My dad was my hero. As I laid my dad to rest, one pounding question lay heavy on my heart. Why did my dad have to die? This tragic event began my search for the truth.

I thought about going to church, but quickly dismissed that idea because I thought, church was a place where people were holy and dressed in fancy suits and ties. Not having a suit myself and understanding that I certainly was not holy, it seemed church was not the place for me. Frustrated, hurt and depressed, I began drinking, smoking and popping pills every day. One evening, I picked up the Bible and began reading it for myself. To my amazement, I realized these people in the Bible were not all that holy and good. Matter of fact, they were bad. I continued to search for why my dad had to die. 

I began reading about a person who loved everyone and never hurt anyone. This person was wonderful. He loved those who were from the wrong side of the tracks….like me. The bible continued on how this man was hung on a cross and yet had not done one thing wrong. Distraught by my revelation I began to weep.

Finally, in Hebrews 9:27, I read, “it is once appointed unto every man a time to die”. That was finally the answer to my question. My dad had to die! Everybody has an appointed time to die. But the 29th chapter of Hebrews continued with the addition of an another concept ….. “but after that the judgment”. Wow! This judgment concept really struck a nerve and I knew at that point that My future wasn’t bright. I realized I was not ready for death or judgment. For the first theme in my life, I found out that that I wanted to do good but I couldn’t. And the evil that I didn’t want to do was the very thing I did. I was hopeless, hopelessly enslaved, driven and bound by another power called Satan.

The good news was that God’s great love sent Jesus to die on my behalf. He loved me while I was yet still in sin. This man Jesus died on the cross and was raised for the forgiveness of my sin. Jesus spoke to my heart and said … “Randy if you will repent (turn away, change your mind and direction and turn to me, I will forgive you and make all things new. I repented, asking the Lord to forgive me of all my sins and made all things new for me. He did just that! I instantly was delivered from alcohol, drugs and a partying spirit. He brought me out of the darkness and gave me eternal life, a new life in Him!

Jesus isn’t one who has favorites. He rescued (or saved) me from a life of despair. He will rescue or save you too. John 3:16 says that God loves everyone and wants each one to become a member of His family.