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Cell groups

All cell groups meet at the church on the 1st Sunday of the month at 6:00pm. Anderson group is led by Clyde Denny every Sunday at 6:00pm Fairmount group is led by Spencer Bunch every Sunday at 7:00pm If you are interested in attending a cell group for a smaller Bible study then please call […]

Sunday Night Cell Groups

Cell groups meet in three different cities. Alexandria meets at Mike and Cheryl  house at 6:00pm. Anderson meets at Clyde and Patsy  house at 6:00pm, and in Fairmount they meet at Spencer and Sharon house at 7:00pm.

Tenderloin Dinner + Sun. Night Service

We will be having a tenderloin dinner and speaker and instrumentalist T.J. Torres sharing “God’s Good Purposes. This special services is sponsored by all cell groups. See you then!