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Welcome To Our Church

scan0001We are a group of believers in the process of learning to do what Jesus said, through the power Jesus provides, in the direction Jesus is heading – a direction called the “Kingdom of God.”  This is a life-long project and no one “arrives.”

We take our incomplete lives and imperfectly pursue Jesus with joy and passion. In the middle of this we are experiencing transformation, strength, hope and freedom. We invite and welcome you to our church.   Join us as we journey together into the deep realms of the Spirit of Jesus Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

Our goal of every gathering is to become so captivated by his Presence and so interactive with the Holy Spirit and the will of God, that you will not leave here like you came. He alone is our source of life and happiness. Our prayer is that you will encounter His presence and allow yourself to be transformed, healed, and empowered.

We hope your expectancy to be touched by Him is elevated as you enter into the throne room of God.